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Today we are happy to introduce to you our New Holistic Healthcare & Diagnostic Center, in Sunway Mentari Biz Park. We are operating a special medical clinic which focus on providing holistic treatment for chronic degenerative diseases & rehabilitation using Medication, Nutrition, Organic Food therapy.

In order to stay healthy, we need to partner–up with Doctors, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist & Organic Food Therapist to provide a long term health program customized to your specific medical need. In our center, we have 12 Medical Machines, more than 140 tests to identify the root of the diseases & the ultimate real cause of your health challenges, aiming to remove all the hindrances of healing.

Our HealthCare Center is uniquely specialized in the following:

Corporate Health Talk / Company Health Promotion, Setting up of Mobile Clinic at your premises. Premium Comprehensive Health Check-up Packages for Individual, Family & Special Corporate Rates. Premarital checkup, Pre-employment Checkup, Pre-hospital admission checkup, Special Well Women Program, Cervical Cancer Screening & Vaccination, Woman's Diseases, Management of Low Sperm Counts & Treatment for Infertility / Difficulty getting Pregnant. Family Planning, Various Contraception Methods, Antenatal / Gynecology Check-Up & Monitoring Medicinal, Nutritional & Organic Food therapy, to provide Long-Term Cure to Chronic Diseases Chronic Degenerative Disease Monitoring and Rehabilitation i.e.
Diabetic Review, Medications Adjustment, Blood Sugar Reduction and Diabetic Cure
Hi Blood Pressure Review, Medications Adjustment, Treatment & management
Chronic Gout curative treatments, Chronic Kidney Disease Management & Rehabilitation.
Hepatitis B / Hepatitis C Eradication, Fatty Liver / Gall Stones Treatment & Management
Cancer Screening, Prevention, Active Interventions and Monitoring
Chronic Spinal problem, Severe Back Pain & "Slipped Discs" Management
Various Prostate Diseases, Male Infertility problem, Erectile Dysfunction / Male diseases.
Weight losing and Weight Gain Program, Chronic Medication review & Wean-off
General Practice, Family Clinic & Occupational Medicine Services, Industrial Health Screening Program. Treatment of Acute Diseases, Accident & Emergency, Wound Treatment & Management, Quit Smoking and Quit Alcohol Program, Substance Abuse Counseling & Wean-Off, Chest / Lung Disease Clinic, Asthma Nebulization & various type of Vaccinations FOMEMA Medical Examination, SOCSO claiming

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