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Benefits of High Resolution 3D Ultrasound

Many Diseases take birth as a result of cellular starvation, Metabolism mismatch & inadequate energy. HHA is able to reveal hidden diseases & pre-illness condition. It is real time tele-medicine technology where all 24 meridian energies are captures by sophisticated device & exchanged online with the hospital database for holistic health care solution & advice.

»   Combining with cosmetology, Health Food, Health equipment, Bio-energetic Medicine and the analysis of Hypo-health alert system, the customer health situation can be easily mastered, so the best options for health can be easily made.
»   Through long-term supervision, the effects of the product can be showed; meanwhile customer satisfaction can be easily made.
»   The common family user can check self health situation through Hypo-health alert system, and choose the best way to keep healthy.

The theory of Hypo-health alert system
»   During the era of Cold War, the competition between Russia and United States were tense in any field including the Astrospace station and the health of astronaut. Russia organized a research team invent the long-distance auto matic reflecting diagnostic system. Through the body health supervision of astronaut, and transmitted the fresh health report to the research center, the health situation of astronauts can be easily reflected. Then medical professors gave them the healthy suggestion. This is the so-called automatic reflecting diagnostic system.
»   The relationship between point and pathology In 1950, a Japanese doctor found that there were some serial of point whose resistance were lower than others, especial when people get sick. Electrical wave goes into our body through pore. The resistance is controlled by the sizes of pore which is conducted by autonomic nerve. The resistance of each meridian can be changed by the influence of autonomic nerve when sick.
»   The theory of Hypo-health alert system It is the output of western technology and TCM theory. Combining with meridian theory, the computer can accept the microbial wave released by points, then we can exchange information with data-base, after analyzing the information, the report can be more accurate.
We use the automatic reflecting diagnostic system benefits mankind. The accuracy of this system can reach at 90%, it is safety, painless, no-invasive, easy to operate. The testing only needs 10 minutes no matter the chronic or acute disease.

Examinee Notice
1.   Keep a regular life, good rest, diet, avoiding over-drinking, coffee, over-fatigue and emotional fluctuation 2 days before testing.
2.   Test only when hungry or 1 hour after eating.
3.   At least half an hours rest after violent motion.
4.   Taking off metal goods and means of communication, also turn them off.
5.   Taking off shoes and stockings, revealing wrist and anklebone.
6.   Keep quite, relax, no talking, keep your feet above the ground and in horizontal position when testing.
7.   Women in menses and the patient who take the heart pacemaker are not fit for the test.
8.   The perfect testing time should between 9:30~23:00, beyond this slot, the accuracy will be affected.

Manipulator Notice
1.   Checking connection of the equipment.
2.   Fill in the examinee's basic information, such as name, sex and birthday.
3.   Using the tampon contains of 75% alcohol wiping the testing points before test.
4.   Put the proper tampon contains of 0.9% normal saline into the cavity of the sensor. (The tampon should be in proper humidity). The tampon should be 1 to 2 millimeter higher than edge of the sensor.
5.   The examinee should hold the inductive ball in one palm of the hand.
6.   During the testing process you should keep the tampon steady not fall off from the cavity; also your hands can not shake. When touching the skin, using the proper strength.
7.   During the testing process nobody can touch the examinee. The manipulator should take the insulation glove.
8.   The test should be in order: right hand, right foot, left hand and left foot.
'PU TIANXIN Hand and Auricular Two-Way Therapeutic Treatment Equipment'
The development of high technologies and high standard of living have brought peoples' attention to healthcare aspect especially in the demand of healthcare equipments. As a result, various healthcare equipments have been produced to meet the increasing demands. However, people are looking forward to have safe, useful, and cost-effective healthcare equipment which is acceptable by the majority.
With further bone loss, osteopenia leads to osteoporosis. So the thicker your bones are, the longer it takes to get osteoporosis. Although osteoporosis can occur in men, it is most common in women older than age 65.

'Pu TianXin Hand and Auricular Two-Way Therapeutic Treatment Equipment' How it works?
a patented product of Pu Tian Scientific and Technology Development Limited Company was invented by Prof. Dr. Luo XinDi (Acupuncturist) based on the combination of traditional Chinese medical science, years of experiences in clinical practices, and advanced science technology.

Over ten(10) years of constantly summarizing, completing and improving, the equipment had eventually developed and achieved hand & auricular two-way therapeutic treatment effects.

From the fact of 'Sages cure before we fall sick', our ancestors had mentioned the importance of prevention and healthcare in protecting ourselves from illnesses.

The principle treatment of the instrument is based on the acupuncture therapy in stimulating acupoints on the human body. It involves the meridians and collaterals conduction effect to improve blood circulation and promote self-immunity. In short, this equipment diagnoses diseases, treat diseases, and maintains our health without using needle. It distributed regularly over the body, hand and auricular acupoints with the combination of traditional and modern medical knowledge ensures the accuracy of diagnosis to cure diseases.

Authorized by the China Patent Office, the equipment has obtained the invention Gold Award in the 7th China Patent Fair. In addition, the equipment has been proven to be an effective treatment through clinical treatments over hundreds of patients conducted by the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hubei, Tianjin TCM Hospital and Hospital of Tainjin Medical College. The benefits of the fast diagnosis process, short treatment period, painless and harmless side effects have brought it in becoming an excellent healthcare equipment. The equipment has approved by the China Quality Certification Centre, Hubei Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision complying its filling standard and Hubei State Administration of Medical. It has also met the requirements of Medical Devices Technical Standards. It provides 'in-house' treatment effectively through the functions of diagnosing, treating and maintaining.

How it works?
1. Theory of Treatment
The treatment of this equipment runs on an application of acupuncture effect through traditional meridians and collaterals theory which combines with the modern electromagnetism technology by stimulating the meridians to improve blood circulation throughout the body and enhance self-immunity. It stimulates hand and auricular acupoints without using needles for treatment.

2. Treatment Mechanism
The equipment functions on a low pulse-frequency basis. Combination of magnetic treatment with the output current for low pulse-frequency from the main unit will create an effect on stimulation and connection against acupoints and meridians to perform diagnosing, treatment and maintenance effects.

Common Diseases Treatable with PUTIANXIN Hand & Auricular Two-Way Treatment Equipment
1.   Muscular Aches & Pains
» Shoulder Plate Aches/Pains
» Stiff Shoulders
» Muscular Pain (Legs/Arms spot pain)
2.   Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
3.   Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)
4.   Coronary Heart Disease
5.   Stroke Sequel (Hemiplegia)
6.   Insomnia (Sleep disorder or difficulty)
7.   Diabetes
8.   Pancreatitis (Inflammation of pancreas)
Gallstone Diseases (Chronic Cholecystitis, Cholelithiasis)
»   Caused by viral infection or adverse flow of high concentrated bile and pancreatic secretion.
»   Gallstones Formation
10.   Kidney-stone Diseases
» Kidney-stones Formation
11.   Epigastric Pain
12.   Diarrhea
13.   Constipation
14.   Common Cold (Two Types)
» Wind-Cold Types
» Wind-Heat Types
15.   Cough & Asthma (Including Cough,
» Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma)
16.   Tinnitus, Deafness
17.   Toothache (Including Gingivitis, Periodontitis – Tartar and Gum disease)
18.   Common Neck Pain (Cervical Spondylosis)
19.   Low/Lumber Back Pain (Sciatica)
20.   Rheumatism (Arthritis, Scapula Pain, Shoulder Pain)
21.   Hemorrhoid Diseases - Piles (Including Hemorrhoids, External Hemorrhoids, Mixed Hemorrhoids, Anal Fissure, Anal Fistula)
22.   Menstrual Pain and Menstrual Disorders
23.   Mastitis, Mammary Hyperplasia, Breast Lumps
24.   Prostatitis (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia B.P.H)
25.   Liver Disease – Fatty Liver
Body composition Analysis is the amount of fat vs. lean muscle tissue in the human body. These are commonly expressed as a percentage of a person's total weight. Body weight alone in not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish how many pounds are from fat and how many are from lean body mass. The popularity of body compositions is growing as professionals realize its value in determining health risks. There are many different methods to measuring body composition. One of the most popular and accurate ways is the BIA or Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. This simple test is available at your local Diet Center.

Just because people appear the same does not mean they are equally healthy. Even though two people can have the same Body Fat Percentage doesn't mean they are at the same health risks. Where body fat is located can place a person at far greater risk for fat-related health conditions such as: cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and even certain types of cancers.
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