Breast & Ovarian cancers are the top two of the leading killers for Malaysian women. Other common gynecological diseases included uterine fibroid, vaginal discharge, and irregular menses. It is essential that women are properly protected and screened from these awful diseases. The well women department in Well Again is designed to cater the necessary screening and tests to protect women & for women only.

Research by International Gynecology Institution, if women want to have:
• Healthy Uterus.
• Glossy appearance.
• Smooth & Silky Skin.

4 essential things that we can help:
a) Hormone balance.
b) Normal secretion.
c) Detoxification of the uterus ♀.
d) Early Detection & regular check up.





  1. Well Again provide a early detection screening; DIY Vaginal Bacterial Smear Test; for you to understand more about yourself.

    Vaginal Bacteria Smear Test

    Objectives of the test:

    • To assess the percentage of probiotic (Lactobacillus) & harmful bacteria in our vagina.
    • The healthy level of our Vaginal wall's cells.
    • Blood clots and Black clots in our vagina.
    • The result will release in 1 minute. (Private and confidential guaranteed)

  2. Well Again also provide Well Women service as below;

    • Teaching & education of Breast Self Examination.
    • Bilateral Breast Full Examination by Doctor.
    • L/R Breast 3D Ultrasound Scan.
    • Abdomen & Pelvic Manual Examination.
    • 3D Ultrasound Scan of 6 Pelvic Organs.
    • Liquid Pap smear and Cytology.
    • Doctor's Consulting and Reporting.

  3. Well Again have "Women Education Day" Program just to educate women bout the common diseases that women have and hot to prevent them. The sessions are run by our Corporate group and women staff ONLY. No males are allowed for privacy and confidentiality purpose. In this session we have several valuable activities such as a live vaginal swab microscopic interpretation to determine the type of infection that women commonly have in their vagina. In addition, we also provide the relevant treatment and solutions for their problem. Please find more detail in our corporate website.
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