Prevention is Better than Cure

Well Again Diagnostic & Health Care Centre was established to empower Malaysians to proactively manage their wellbeing by providing a comprehensive series of diagnostic and wellness services. The Centre is able to conduct over 150 different health screening tests and is fully supported by a core group of medical specialists with expertise in a wide range of disciplines.

Well Again is also equipped with a full range of over 20 medical instruments. However, Well Again is more than just a provider of health screening services; the Centre works on the concept of Education, Coaching and Monitoring, or ECM, with its customers to ensure long-term results.

Education is essential in providing customers with knowledge of healthcare in general and their own bodies in particular while enlightening them on benefits of early detection and prevention.

With Coaching, customers commit themselves to vital healthcare goals with guidance from the Centre's team of experts, creating a wellness plan that incorporates aspects such as nutrition, exercise and weight management to circumvent and alleviate potential health problems.

The Centre further supports customers by monitoring their progress in terms of their wellness plan and overall health, ensuring that they are on course to achieving their healthcare objectives.
Dr. Kenny Yong Yean Sirn
"The focus on healthcare has shifted from treatment of symptoms to holistic wellness. While previously solutions were sought to overcome diseases at their onset, now savvy individuals seek to prevent illnesses from fully developing through early detection and prevention. This not only alleviates painful operations and dependence on medication caused by long-term illnesses, but also eliminates the financial burden associated with such health problems."
Ng Swee Chun
"A Medical Check up without UNDERSTANDING & SOLUTION is not Complete"
Wong May Yin
Nutritionist & Dietitian
"You are fully responsible of your own body. But we can guide you & monitor the process."
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