Carna Chamberlin, LSW, Family Services of Warren County
I am the facilitator of a grief support group that supports people who have lost a child to death. I want to thank you for the service you offer to those with critically ill children.

You cannot imagine the gift you give to them. God bless your ministry to these families! When I lost my newborn daughter 21 years ago, no one thought about pictures, allowing the parents to hold their children, or anything! I am so grateful that times have changed and there are people like you who are so sensitive and caring for the needs of heart broken families. Thank you again for your precious gift.
Tami Held, Boone Hospital Center, Columbia Missouri
We just wanted you to know that we have 2 of the most wonderful photographers in Columbia Missouri. I am with Boone Hospital Center and have been involved with the demise group for 3 years. I went to a conference about 1 year ago and heard about your services. I came home and researches the area and found Brad Noblitt and Jack Chick. They are hands down the most wonderful photographers and a great compliment to your foundation. You have 2 wonderful men ready and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and we want you to know we truly appreciate them. They represent Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep with great passion. Thank you for your caring tribute. Thank you.
Renee J. Clark R.N., B.S.N. Perinatal Loss Coordinator, Denver Health Medical Center
Thank you so much for caring for our families in such a very touching and consistent basis.

We appreciate it!
Gina DeRosa, CD (DONA), CCCE
As a labor and birth doula, I have the privilege of accompanying women and their families through the miraculous journey of pregnancy and birth. I have had the honor of walking with families in joy and in grief. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep offers a vital service to our community. I know from my professional experience just how important this service is. I am a mother, a wife, a doula and a supporter of this important organization.
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