Well Again Mobile Corporate Team
One of our medical missions is to bring the concept of "Optimum Wellness" into corporate level in order to improve corporate productivities & reduce medical expenditure caused by health negligence at work place. Improving the total "health & wellness" level of each employee will each employee will directly translate into maximum "productivity & wealth" for the corporate company.

Corporate Seminar & Health Screening Program.
- 30 Minutes Health Talk & Counseling in small group.
- 45 Minutes Medical Seminar for larger corporate crowds.
- On-site Mobile Clinic setup with instant health check up Packages.
- Same day health reporting with professional analysis & advice.
- Group rate for annual corporate Blood & Urine Screening.

Corporate Health Monitoring System with Medical Panels.
- Corporate "Health & Safety Week" seminar & Group Check up.
- Quit Smoking Campaigns & Mobile Group Vaccinations Program.
- On-Going employee Health rehabilitation programs.
- Corporate Panel for Medical Clinic Services.

Corporate Products Launching & Promotion Events.
- On site Mobile Health screening services for new products launch events.
- Corporate Health Gifts, products Sales & Co-Promotions, Annual events.

In-Door Health Screening activities / Out-Door Roadshow Health events Program.
- Group Check up packages for "Employee Services Days" or "Health Weekends".
- Indoor or Outdoor public Health Seminar & Education Campaign.
- Events to promote Health knowledge & Community Healthcare Services.

Event Sponsorship/ Lucky Draw / Door Gift / Fund Raising campaign.
- To Co-event in Corporate functions for special Fund Raising events.
- Corporate gifts for publicity & Health Awareness Press–Conference.
- Employee Family–Day & residential Annual Health–Carnivals Events.
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